Bob’s Grieving Period is Over!!

obama press confFinally, I am almost done grieving over the death of America on 11/6/12.   She was a grand old lady who passed away from the tens of millions that sucked the life out of her.  Almost 50% pay no taxes to support the lady while the other 50% pay everyone else’s bills.  It was a sad passing…..she will be missed.

Obama is not the better man; but he was the better campaigner!  Romney had Obama on the ropes after the first debate and then just seemed to give up.  His failure to match his performance in the final two debates was one of two primary reasons he lost.  The second was the selection of Paul Ryan.  Ryan is another good man; but when the Dems portrayed him as throwing Grannie off the cliff, the old folks were scared to death.  Good job by the Dems; bad choice by Romney.   Marco Rubio would have given Florida to Romney, for sure.  But, Romney counted on Ryan to bring the mid-west……….bad decision, Mitt!

Now Obama feels empowered…he has his mandate!  Beware of bigger government!  A bigger nanny state (until all the teats run dry)!  Watch out Greece, America is coming fast.

Finally,  the Congress is the most dysfunctional organization in the universe.  Every one of the jack-asses that hold those responsible jobs should be fired.  But, therein is the problem.  The pampered will not bite the hand that feeds.

Enough said!  America, be careful what you ask for… might just get it!


One response to “Bob’s Grieving Period is Over!!

  1. Did you see “Time’s Man of the Year” What a Joke.

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