The Geek Squad at Worst Buy!!!

Geek Squad LogoThe day after Thanksgiving, I had to take my beloved HP TouchSmart 600 PC to the Geek Squad at Best Buy because Windows updates would not load properly and it was driving me crazy.  I have an annual service contract with the geeks that is about to expire….so, I thought, what the heck, let’s use the warranty!!!  So, I disconnected all my wires, gently put my TS600 in the car, and headed to the nearest Best Buy for professional help!!!  BTW, I think Microsoft has a secret strategy to make Windows 7 crater and cause major problems so they can sell Windows 8 to dummies like me.  A perverted way to boost sagging sales!!!!  Before committing to the Geek Squad, I tried Microsoft’s “Fix-It” program; and it failed miserably!!  The failure of Microsoft Windows 7 had bugged me for several weeks.  It was time to call in the troops.

My first contact with Best Buy’s Geek Squad was a guy named Carl…or as I was to find out later, Little Carl.  Lil Carl tinkered with my HP and looked puzzled about the solution to the problem; but, he assured me that it could be fixed in short order.  So, Lil Carl called for assistance from Jason…..who seemed to be from some other planet; and Jason quickly summands Judy, who was from another dimension of space and time.  Next, Todd came to take a look.  Let’s review:  Carl, Judy, Todd, and Jason have confronted the monster head on without success.  (For those of you that are George Carlin fans, he is spinning in his grave.)

Finally, when all else fails, they call on, who else, Big Carl!  Now, Big Carl weighs about 305 (hence the name Big Carl….as opposed to the 150 pound pip-squeak, Lil Carl, with the horn-rimmed glasses and the 9 pen plastic  protector tucked into his dingy white shirt pocket!!)  Big Carl, hereafter referred to as BC, told me he would do some diagnostics while I waited and let me know what needed to be done.  Of course, I had to sign a release giving them permission to enter my cyber-space and free them from any liability for nuking my saved data!

As I screwed around in the store (wishing I had a La Fontana cigar to smoke at the entrance of Best Buy to disgust their other patrons), BC, sweating profusely, returned to tell me that he could not complete the diagnosis because he felt like he was going into diabetic shock and would probably be in the hospital tomorrow.  No shit, folks…this is exactly what Big Carl told me.  He turned me back over to Lil Carl who said that my HP600 would need to stay with the Geeks for a couple of days!

Two days later, I got my computer back and the problem was partially corrected.  All my personal settings needed to be re-installed and I still get bizarre error messages; but, HP600 is safe at home with me.

Beware……..if you use the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  Don’t expect your problem to be completely solved!  But, do expect a ride on the weird side of life!


2 responses to “The Geek Squad at Worst Buy!!!

  1. As your story illustrates, they are called the “Geek” squad for a reason.

  2. Loved your true story, Bob. BTW, did you know that is called ‘normal’ in today’s customer service tech-world? I am afraid the ‘solution to most every problem’ is ending with our generation. Kicking the can down the road is just normal behavior. Remember, the problem always starts at the top……

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