Have a Potted Meat Christmas!?!?!?

potted meat 1Every year at Christmas something happens that brings a big laugh to the family.  This year is was Jane’s son, Leigh, turn in the barrel.  Jane has always fancied stockings filled with useful, goodies items, such as socks, mints, toiletries, etc.  This year Leigh’s haul included a flashlight and some bright red Jockey boxers!  The boxers looked to be way too small for Leigh; and certainly should have been accompanied by a pair of ass chaps….to be properly appreciated. Both Jane and Leigh were razed about the red boxers!!!

Nancy, my oldest daughter, and her hubby gave Leigh a beautifully wrapped gift that revealed itself to be a Nieman-Marcus box.  With a high degree of anticipation, Leigh opened the box to find a 3 oz. can of Econo-Max Potted Meat!!  The laughter could be heard around the block as all of us held our sides!  A Nieman gift box and a can of potted meat……quite the gag (no pun intended) gift.

For those of you that do not know what “potted meat” is…..it is to Spam what Spam is to Filet Mignon.  Potted meat is a food, similar to a pâté, made using various meats, such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey and variety (nonskeletal) meats.  It contains enough salt to preserve a single can for more than 5 years. Tripe, part of an animal’s stomach, is a primary ingredient in this pasty, greyish spread.  One 3 oz. can cost 30 cents!  I mean no disrespect to potted meat or to those that enjoy the product, but potted meat is emergency survival food….except for some cultures around the world that consider it a delicacy!

Lessons learned: 1) Jane won’t buy red boxers for anyone ever again; and, 2) the potted meat gag gift will never be topped!


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