WordPress Ads – Not My Fault!!!

wordpress logoWordPress is the content management company I use to home-base my blog and make postings to the blog.   Starting 1/1/13, WordPress has begun inserting their own ads at the end of everyone’s postings.  In the past, no ads were put on the blogs.  But, it seems that WordPress has taken a page from the airlines industry playbook and has decided to harass you, as a blog reader, with bullshit ads….unless I, as the blogger, agree to pay them an annual fee to block their ads!  I feel they are holding you, the reader, as a hostage unless I pay a ransom fee to free you from their clutches.  This is nothing but a money grab (kind of like the Federal government) by WordPress and they should be ashamed of themselves!!!  Sorry about the hassle!  My advice…..ignore them!!!


One response to “WordPress Ads – Not My Fault!!!

  1. I hate these money grab gimmicks and intrusive ads too Bob. The only that could be worse would be if the ads supported Obama!!

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