Bye, Bye, Bunny! An Easter Disaster?!?!

easter bunny funny dog easterIt’s Easter!  And Jane wants to have a brunch at the local country club!  And, it is 5 days to go and no reservation!  Good grief…what am I going to do to pull this bunny out of the domestic tranquility hat!!!  It wasn’t easy, but I managed to get reservations on the veranda (on the porch, not INSIDE) at our golf club (not the spiffy COUNTRY CLUB) at 10:30 am (not NOON), for the breakfast brunch (not the FULL EASTER BUFFET with all the shrimp you can eat)!!!  As you can imagine, Jane was put off by every detail of the reservation.  Nonetheless, despite my pleading with the reservations person at the country club, we settled in at the porch (actually, I prefer ‘veranda‘….has a nice ring, don’t you think?!?!?) promptly at 10:30…all gussied up in our finest Easter attire.  Well, that meant a nice shirt and slacks for me and a NEW dress for Jane.  My step son, Leigh, and his beautiful girlfriend, Sam, (real name is Samantha) joined us for the festivities. (Marlin, Leigh’s 85 pound chocolate lab  of 9 months old was imprisoned in his crate so the house would not be destroyed when we returned.) And, the brunch went well.  It was a beautiful, sunny day with the perfect (Jane’s favorite word!!!) temperature; and after a couple (or more) of glasses of champagne, Jane relaxed to enjoy the moment.

Of course, there were pictures!!! Lots of pictures!  Leigh and Sam together at the table looking glowingly at each other!  Jane and Sam looking equally radiant! And a several pictures of the four of us in front of the huge live oak that separated us (on the veranda) from the golfers making the turn from the 9th to the 10th hole.  They even had an Easter Bunny walking around playing with the kids and posing politely for family pictures.

And that is when the perfect day began to turn south!!  Leigh and I had just about had it with all the posing and repositioning for the family pictures.  As the last pic was about to be taken, the Easter Bunny wandered our way.  As the camera clicked, I looked at the Bunny and said, “Bye, bye Bunny!” signaling that we had enough of picture-taking as we were ready to beat a hasty retreat!  Jane looked at me as only she can….and then Leigh started to laugh.  That broke the tension and we all guffawed as we headed to the parking lot to rescue Marlin from prison!

All in all, it turned out to be a wonderful Easter!  It is always fun to get families together……I hope you had a great Easter, too!

P.S. There was a 60% chance of rain on Easter!  Thank God, it did not rain on our Easter parade until much later in the day!!!


One response to “Bye, Bye, Bunny! An Easter Disaster?!?!

  1. atlantic waters

    Sounds like a perfect day…….and all that goes with it. In years to come it will be a favorite memory.

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