Great Scott!! An Aussie Finally Wins!

Adam-Scott-wins-the-MastersAdam Scott became the first Australian in history to win the storied Masters at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday.  After a bitter disappointment at last year’s British Open, Scott proved to be up to the task as he beat Angel Cabrera on the second hole of the sudden death playoff.  Both Angel and Adam birdied the 18th hole, Holly, at Augusta to get into the playoff.  While I was rooting for Angel, Adam proved himself to be a class guy during the press conference later in the day.  He is a deserving winner!

One of the reasons that I was rooting for Angel was the constant and annoying banter about the fact that no Australian had ever won the Masters.  Ian Baker-Finch went on and on about the failures of Greg Norman, etc., and how important it was to the continent of Australia to have a native-born son to be a Masters winner.  At one point Ian said that 10 million of the 20 million residents of Australia would be glued to their TV’s in support of Scott.  If a Masters victory is all it takes for Australia to feel important, then I feel sorry for the folks “down under”.

The tournament favorite, Tiger Woods, finished 4th despite his debacle on the 15th hole, Firethorn.  His almost perfect shot for a sure birdie turned into a 4 stroke nightmare after hitting the flagstick, going into the water, and then being assessed a 2 stroke penalty for an improper drop on the same hole.  Many thought that Tiger should have been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard…but, I believe the penalty was enough punishment for a near-perfect shot.

Anyway, congratulations to Scott!  A job well done!

P.S. I wonder what Ian will talk about at the next Masters!  There is nothing left for him to say!


One response to “Great Scott!! An Aussie Finally Wins!

  1. atlantic waters

    I was cheering for Adam Scott. Nearly has a nerverous breakdown until he finally won. What a competitor Angel Cabrera was. Had to admire Cabrera’s skill and desire to win even though he had won before. What a game.

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