The Price is Right…It’s From The Government!! Obama’s Budget Deficit!!

Pie Chart of govt $Obama’s administration plans to spend $3.8 Trillion in 2013 with revenue of only $2.9 Trillion.  That’s right…our government will spend almost $1 Trillion more than it takes in…………AGAIN!  It should be no surprise that despite sequester, the budget deficit for 2014 will be $.8 Trillion.  Oh, boy, that sequester deal really worked, didn’t it!!  The US National Debt is rapidly approaching $17 Trillion and nobody seems to care or be concerned. (Click on the National Debt Clock below to see how fast the debt is adding up.) Our representatives in Washington must think we are total idiots!  Well, I guess we get what 52% of the voters wanted.  And therein lies the problem!  Remember only 50% of people pay federal income taxes!

Politicians will argue endlessly on the merits of various programs.  They will argue about defense spending, welfare, social security, etc., etc.  And while they argue, over the years various federal agencies have made their own rules for spending taxpayer dollars.  Some are good and some are bad.  Did you know that welfare recipients get free cell phones (and 250 minutes each month)? Free  money is available through: unemployment for up to 99 weeks; Medicaid; medicare payments to people under 65; food stamps; support for children of unwed mothers; numerous educational grants; and so forth.  The list of “free” money programs is very long.

We, as taxpayers, have been bamboozled by our leaders.  And Obama’s overriding philosophy to ‘redistribute the wealth’ is a killer for any free enterprise system.  When will it end?  It will end with one of two results.  Option one, the progressive liberals will be voted out!  Or, two,  America becomes the Greece of the Western Hemisphere?  Option one will not happen any time soon because the 50 that pay no taxes and the masses that get “free” money from the government dole will not change their voting habits.  So, one day, America will become just like Greece.  When there no more “free” money, riots will take place in the streets.  Wake up, Americans!!!


2 responses to “The Price is Right…It’s From The Government!! Obama’s Budget Deficit!!

  1. The senario you just described is why I recently armed myself and have obtained a concealed weapons permit. When there are no more handouts,those that don’t have it will be trying to get it from those that do and I’ll be ready for them. Just hope that doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

  2. atlantic waters

    It truly amazes me that people do not understand the end results of spending more that comes in. The personal history of many during the past 4 years should be a great teacher but it seems to go unnoticed. Where are the ‘thinking minds’ in this country? The end results will not be pretty. Doug’s actions seem very rational considering what is happening.

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