Obama Politicizes and Uses Divisiveness for Everything!

Gun Control Press ConferenceThe latest example of Obama using any excuse to politicize events happened yesterday when he took to the podium to chastise the GOP and NRA for the failure of the Senate to pass expanded gun control legislation.  The measure failed to obtain the 60 votes necessary and Obama surrounded himself with the bereaved father of a young man killed at the Newtown shooting.  Also, Gabby Giffords was conspicuous on the stage as Obama called the NRA liars and criticized the GOP for not supporting his agenda.  The scene was reminiscent of all the white coats backing up Obama when he applauded the passage of Obamacare.  Then, he told his own lies!  He said that the cost of coverage would not increase…NOT TRUE!  He said that medical services would be unaffected…..NOT TRUE!  He said that there would be no increase in taxes…NOT TRUE!

Another troubling matter is why people continue to allow themselves to be exploited for his agenda.  He uses people as props for his sad sideshows! He is just a show pony who whines and blames others when he does not get his way.

Finally, Joe Biden stood by pouting like a spoiled kid.  Come on, America!  wake up!


One response to “Obama Politicizes and Uses Divisiveness for Everything!

  1. Why not focus on terrorism!?!? Bombs in Boston and Obama focuses on taking away 2nd amendment rights. The way this country is headed we all need to stock up on personal protection!

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