Sergio Garcia – Let the Whining Begin!

sergio at TPCOn the second hole of Saturday’s third round of The Players Championship of the PGA tour, Sergio hit a poor shot into the trees well  right of the green on the par 5 hole.  The ever petulant Garcia pulled out his inner child and looked towards the group around his playing competitor, Tiger Woods, obviously thinking that, somehow, Woods, the golfer many love to hate, was responsible for Sergio’s lousy shot. In fact, later, Sergio accused Tiger of an intentional distraction even though the two players were 50 yards apart…in golf, that is a long way!!  Garcia went on to make a bogey on the hole and would later complain that if he had made a birdie, it would have changed the outcome of his round.  Sergio is famous for his complaining and questionable behavior on the golf course.  While he was a media darling in the early days of his career, frequent displays of petulance, being a titty baby, spitting into the cup when he missed his putt, etc., have soured his reputation with fans and reporters.  “Media wannabes” like Brandel Chamblee will defend Sergio….and that is because Brandel seems to have an intense dislike for Tiger.  It is funny how some former tour members that used to be able to play, but cannot break an egg now, set themselves up as the “know it alls” with a microphone in hand.  A blogger made the following comment about Sergio and Tiger:

Tiger isn’t a course marshall and split shots show that the crowd was already reacting to Tiger pulling his club before Sergio started his swing. Blaming Tiger for readying for his shot half a football field away was gamesmanship. Is Tiger in control of the gallery or is pulling your club is a major event? My message to Sergio…. Tough duff chump, golf is a game of concentration and mentally isolating yourself from your environment is all you can do to avoid distractions. Whether it is a crying baby, a cellphone, airplanes, birds or the cheers of a gallery reacting to good shot on the next hole. It is up to the player to be mentally capable of controlling his moment and not a wild expectation that golf is a game of solitude.

Several years ago, it was my personal pleasure to spend consecutive days with Sergio’s father, Victor Garcia, playing golf at the Golf Club of Texas west of San Antonio.  Victor and his wife were very pleasant and exhibited none of the characteristics that their son has shown during the latter part of his career.   Victor has been Sergio’s only swing coach through Sergio’s career; and his son has become a wonderful ball striker….it is a shame that Sergio cannot carry the same level of professionalism into the other aspects of this game.

A fitting end came to Sergio’s final round on Sunday at the Players Championship.  Standing on the 17th tee tied for the lead in the tournament with his arch-rival, Tiger Woods, Sergio pumped two balls into the water taking himself out of the tournament.  Adding insult to injury, Sergio hit another in the water on #18, giving Tiger Woods his 78th PGA tour win.  Who are you going to blame this time, Sergio?


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