Mother’s Day at the Dairy Queen

dairy queen signMother’s Day was a bit of a disappointment for me because I was sick and had to cancel our reservations at a spiffy, over-priced restaurant on Saturday evening to celebrate Jane’s special day.  An intestinal bug (probably from the Mexican food on Friday)  knocked me flat all day Saturday.  Viva la infeccion!  So, when Sunday rolled around, I was settled on the sofa getting ready to watch the conclusion of The Players Championship where Tiger Woods kicked some Spanish butt (Sergio Garcia) to win his 78th tour victory….but I digress!!!

About noon, Jane comes over to me (as I lounged on the sofa) and says she wants a Dairy Queen burger and shake for lunch.  As I did the timeline in my head……if we left the house about 12:30, drove to Whataburger (yes, Whataburger because I did not know we had a Dairy Queen in the area) and got the burgers, I would be back on the sofa watching Tiger tee off!  It was a good plan………timing was good and fast food was about 10% as expensive as the spiffy restaurant we did not visit the night before.  Perfect, right! Ooh, ooh, there is a fly in the ointment!  Jane really did mean Dairy Queen and the joint was 15 minutes farther away than the Whataburger I had hoped we would visit.  Now, my timeline is screwed up……I am going to miss the first 3 holes of the final round!  But…..I can survive!

The Dairy Queen, a Texas tradition for small towns across the state, was an older building (nothing like the newer Whataburger closer to home!!!) that had seen its better days.  It was clean, even if a little dated, and the 4 young girls working behind the counter should have been at home celebrating their mother’s special day!  Nevertheless, we settled in with Jane and her “hunger buster” burger,  onion rings, and large coke!  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries!  Both were OK;  certainly, not as good as the Whataburger (did I mention it was 15 minutes closer to the house?)!

While this trip to DQ was out of the ordinary for Jane and me, I did notice lots of families dressed in their cowboy finery….and many pick-up, working trucks.  Lots of starched jeans, George Stait oxford shirts, and big-ass cowboy hats!  The wives, mothers, and daughters were dressed in their customary rural attire.  It was actually very nice to see families come together, even at Dairy Queen, to celebrate the mothers that keep the family engine running smoothly.

There was one cowboy at DQ who was eating alone; and he was quite upset when he left the “restaurant” only to find that the front bumper of his Ford F-150 was falling off his truck.  He snagged the bumper, tossed it in the rear bed, uttered a few cuss words, and drove off into the sunset!

As it turned out, I didn’t miss a thing in the tournament; Jane got what she wanted (even though, I don’t think she will want to go back….Whataburger rules) and we had a great Mother’s Day!!  And, Jane is a great mom!


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