About Bob

You are probably wondering:  WHO THE HELL IS BOB JOHNSON?   “Hello, World!” That is what Tiger Woods said 10 years ago when he began his career on the PGA tour! Well, I am no Tiger Woods! I wouldn’t want his money; and I certainly wouldn’t want his sullied reputation! No, I am just a middle-income, average guy from Carmel, Indiana who is full of random thoughts trying to escape from my chaotic brain. My wife, Jane, and I have been married for about ten years and have a blended family. She has two kids from a former marriage and I have a daughter from the second of my three marriages. We are living statistics that 50% of marriages don’t last! We think we have gotten it right this time…..let’s hope so!

I graduated from Kansas State in the mid 80’s and went to work for IBM as a salesman. After a couple of years, it was clear that I didn’t pack the gear to climb the mountain to IBM’s senior management. I knocked around for a couple of years before landing with my current company, Acme Consulting, (no road-runner/coyote jokes, please) where I handle business improvement models for various companies in the mid-west. I am no Warren Buffet; but, I am pretty good at analyzing businesses to help them become more efficient.

Jane has degree from Indiana University and is an administrator at a local high school. She is the smart one of the family and should be the head of the school district; but she doesn’t want to deal with the politics of system. She seems happy and content with her career!

Politically, I would describe myself as an independent with a generally conservative view of government. But depending on the issue, I could be left, right or centrist; and I could be a republican, democrat, or libertarian!  If there was a “common sense” party, I would be a huge supporter!


4 responses to “About Bob

  1. What I want to know is how did you get a picture of my kid’s room. You know, the one at the top of your home page? And how did it get so clean?

  2. It is pretty clean, isn’t it! Must have had lots of help hauling off trash; and, then, of course, perfect lighting! Perhaps your kid has surprised you!

  3. Hey Bob,,
    I’m a 60 yr old wasp, married for most of that time to my Alaska Native sweetheart (38 yrs), so marriage can work.
    I’ve worked for over 33 yrs in the puplic sector as a hi-volt electrician and have done well w/ $.
    What’s bugging the holy hello out of me is the public sector unions and especially that no good Trumka and his ilk. Plus the tie to Nobama (my name for him).. Scott Walker is a hero to me!
    WHY can’t the people put it together? They have no clue as to how corrupt and inefficient the combination of unions, civil servive coupled w/ dems in power makes things. Their pension benefits are a crime! At Seattle City light the pay is high and to offset that the work out put is low! At the WA state level it is even worse, no kidding! Believe me, I see it everyday.
    Is their any hope that these thugs can be put in their place?
    I’m very curious to see Trumka’s expence account. Is there a way to find this number?
    Frustrated in Edmonds, WA

    PS. Politically, I would describe myself as an independent with a generally conservative view of government. But depending on the issue, I could be left, right or centrist; and I could be a republican, democrat, or libertarian! If there was a “common sense” party, I would be a huge supporter! THAT’S ME

  4. “Bob” You OK? Haven’t seen any posts lately so just concerned that all is well. Merry Christmas. Maybe we can get together next year.

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