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Obama’s Real Message to Syria

Obama SyriaFrom the White House on September 10th, Obama spoke for several minutes about the Assad regime’s brutal tactics in Syria.  Despite all the rhetoric and rationalizations, one message to Syria and the rest of the world was very clear:


It is perfectly fine for Assad to use guns, machetes, bombs, etc., and it is fair game to behead your enemies.  That is OK with Obama.  Just lay off the gas!!!


Civil Wars the US DID NOT Get Involved With

flag 2Much is been made about America’s moral responsibility to police the world and punish regimes that do not conform to the “circle of civilized behavior”  as Secretary Kerry testifies before the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria.  Below is a partial listing of civil wars that America elected NOT TO get involved with:

-Afghan Civil War – 1978 – 1,800,000 killed

-Sudanese Civil War – 1983 – 1,900,000 killed

-Rwandan Civil War – 1990 – 1,000,000 killed

-Second Congo War – 1998 – 5,400,000 killed

Yet, we are eager to intervene in a civil war that has claimed 110,000 killed.  Dead is dead… doesn’t matter how it happens. Go figure!!!


Chris Christie – Lap Band and Lap Dog

chris-christieSo…..Chris Christie got lap band surgery because he cannot push his HUGE butt away from the table!  So…..this is BIG news!?!?!?  Since Christie has become Obama’s lap dog, why not get the lap band surgery too!  The “rotund one” used to be a conservative until he decided he wanted Obama to butter his bread.  Suddenly, the slick man and tubby became fast friends.  I, for one, do not consider Christie a leader of the conservative movement any more.  He caved in to Obama, but cannot seem to cave in to filling his abundant mouth with food.  So……good luck, Chris!  Lap band does not work if you can’t keep your mouth shut!  And, BTW, don’t bother to run in 2016!  You are no longer welcome!

Boston, Benghazi, Obama, and Eric (The Not-So-Great)!

Eric Holder‘The Boston Terror Attack  has, once again, brought out the real agenda behind Eric Holder and his reign as the Attorney General of the United States.  Eric, “the not-so-great” Holder was quick to rush in and provide Miranda rights to the terrorist that was captured.  His own organization, the FBI, was usurped in the middle of their questioning of an enemy combatant.  The FBI could have used an additional 24 hours and would have probably found out much more than the Tsarnaev brothers’ plan to take their terror act to Times Square in New York City.  Continue reading

Obama Politicizes and Uses Divisiveness for Everything!

Gun Control Press ConferenceThe latest example of Obama using any excuse to politicize events happened yesterday when he took to the podium to chastise the GOP and NRA for the failure of the Senate to pass expanded gun control legislation.  The measure failed to obtain the 60 votes necessary and Obama surrounded himself with the bereaved father of a young man killed at the Newtown shooting.  Also, Gabby Giffords was conspicuous on the stage as Obama called the NRA liars and criticized the GOP for not supporting his agenda.  Continue reading

The Price is Right…It’s From The Government!! Obama’s Budget Deficit!!

Pie Chart of govt $Obama’s administration plans to spend $3.8 Trillion in 2013 with revenue of only $2.9 Trillion.  That’s right…our government will spend almost $1 Trillion more than it takes in…………AGAIN!  It should be no surprise that despite sequester, the budget deficit for 2014 will be $.8 Trillion.  Oh, boy, that sequester deal really worked, didn’t it!!  The US National Debt is rapidly approaching $17 Trillion and nobody seems to care or be concerned. (Click on the National Debt Clock below to see how fast the debt is adding up.) Our representatives in Washington must think we are total idiots!  Well, I guess we get what 52% of the voters wanted.  And therein lies the problem!  Remember only 50% of people pay federal income taxes! Continue reading

Current TV, Al Gore, & al-Jazeera

Gore Current TVIn early January, Current TV, the little watched network partially owned by Al Gore, was sold to the Qatar Arab news channel Al-Jazeera.  Gore’s 20% stake in Current TV was worth $100 million.  Gore, long-regarded as a hypocrite for his global warming campaign as he flys around the world in his private jet,  sees a bright future for Al-Jazeera America by giving “voice to those who are not typically heard, to speak truth to power,…..and, tell the stories that on one else is telling.”  Remember, this guy was VP of America and almost became POTUS!  Spoken like a true patriot!!!  Al-Jazeera has been widely criticized for being a pro-Islamist communications vehicle; and Time Warner Cable has terminated its agreement, dropping Current TV from it line-up immediately.  Good for Time Warner!

Perhaps, Al-Jazeera America will promote environmentally friendly terrorism!  Maybe they will bring back Keith Olbermann to host “Daily Jihad!”