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Cesar Millan, beware, Jeff, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer, is the New Kid in Town!!

cesar millanCesar Millan, TV’s famous dog whisperer, better watch his back.  Jeff, from Tiki Island, has come to town and he is ready to tame your pooch….for a modest fee!  In fact, sometimes for just a loan of some stuff from your closet is his only fee!  But, more about the clothing closet later.  Funerals are solemn occasions intended for the family to give a ceremonial good-bye to their loved one and rejoice in that loved one’s life.  In this particular ceremony, white doves were released at the grave site and they flew in circles for several minutes before, probably, heading to their normal roost.  It was a beautiful, touching sight.   And it was on this somber occasion that I met Jeff, called by his friends, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer. Continue reading


WordPress Ads – Not My Fault!!!

wordpress logoWordPress is the content management company I use to home-base my blog and make postings to the blog.   Starting 1/1/13, WordPress has begun inserting their own ads at the end of everyone’s postings.  In the past, no ads were put on the blogs.  But, it seems that WordPress has taken a page from the airlines industry playbook and has decided to harass you, as a blog reader, with bullshit ads….unless I, as the blogger, agree to pay them an annual fee to block their ads!  I feel they are holding you, the reader, as a hostage unless I pay a ransom fee to free you from their clutches.  This is nothing but a money grab (kind of like the Federal government) by WordPress and they should be ashamed of themselves!!!  Sorry about the hassle!  My advice…..ignore them!!!

The Geek Squad at Worst Buy!!!

Geek Squad LogoThe day after Thanksgiving, I had to take my beloved HP TouchSmart 600 PC to the Geek Squad at Best Buy because Windows updates would not load properly and it was driving me crazy.  I have an annual service contract with the geeks that is about to expire….so, I thought, what the heck, let’s use the warranty!!!  So, I disconnected all my wires, gently put my TS600 in the car, and headed to the nearest Best Buy for professional help!!!  Continue reading

Goodbye, Old Friend

The medicine man asked, “How old is he?”

As the words tried to form in his throat, the man began to cry uncontrollably.
He thought he was ready, but he was not.
The medicine man quietly excused himself to another place and waited patiently.
What followed (and the medicine man had seen it before) was the good-bye ritual when the time had finally come.
When the time cannot be put off any longer.
When the herbs and healing things can no longer do what they are supposed to do.
When the ultimate act of love and kindness cuts out your heart with a rusty knife.

Why does it always have to be so?
Why do they always have to go? Continue reading

Handicap Parking Stickers & A-Holes!!!

Today, Jane and I had a wonderful lunch at a local seafood restaurant; and after stuffing ourselves like a chef stuffs a flounder, we went to the local Home Depot to pick up a couple of spare bulbs for our outdoor lights.  Mission accomplished on securing the bulbs and using the automated check-out machine….yeah, we are techno savvy!!!!!!!!  As we left the store, we observed a healthy, strong, 30-something man and his equally healthy wife/girl friend/significant other/ho pull into a Handicap Only Parking spot.  They were the only occupants of the slightly beat-up Chevy…..with Handicap Sticker proudly hanging from the rearview mirror!   They jumped out of the car and sauntered into Home Depot.  Continue reading

Apothegm – More

+Life is a painting!  Never let another choose your colors!

+It is better to have people assume you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

+Power corrupts!  And absolute power corrupts completely!

+Apparently, I am supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine!

+Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.

Happy April Fool’s Day

**Tim Tebow announced that he had signed a deal to become the starting QB for the  national football team of Greece.  And he announced that he would receive 8 billion drachmas in conpensation……if the Spartans make it to the Super Bowl.   After being traded from Broncos to the Jets, from the Jets to the Vikings, from the Vikings to the Winnipeg BlueBombers, and from the Bombers to the Houston Lightning, Tebow said, “Enough!  Put me some place I can play!”  Unfortunately, Tim’s agent forgot to tell Tim that they play soccer in Greece and that the “drachma” is no longer the Greek currency!  Next time ask for Euros, Tim! Continue reading