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Mike McQueary – An Accomplice?

When Mike McQueary failed to stop the assault and rape of a 10 year-old boy by a former Penn State University coach,  Jerry Sandusky, he committed the ultimate moral failure.  Just ask a simple question:  If you walked up on a man sodomizing your pre-teen son, would you walk away and think about it?  Or would you pick up the nearest weapon and bash the perpetrator in the head?   Continue reading


Quick Hits – 11/7/11 (Kim and the Gay Penguins)

++Kim Kardashian’s 72 day experiment with martial bliss is over!  Boo hoo!!!  Reports claim that Kim took in as much as $17 million from the engagement and wedding during this highly publicized romance with a much-traveled NBA player, Kris Humphries.   Her $2 million engagement ring is almost as much as Kris earned last year…..and she won’t give it back!  Sorry, Kris, you hitched your wagon to the wrong non-star! Continue reading

Radicals in London – Can It Happen Here?

A friend sent the following to me recently.  The images are frightening; and no one in London would have predicted these demonstrations of hatred just 25 years ago.  Europe (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, etc.) has pursued an era of “multiculturalism”  which their European leaders are now questioning.  Can this happen in America?  You can answer that for yourself!  My friend writes……

I believe the world may likely be setting up for a Holy War.  With the  rise of the wealth in the Middle East and the loss of some of  the past Power Nations and their
wealth,  who were more peace minded than the Middle East countries,  I think the world could very likely see a Holy War at some point in the future.  I say this because of the absolute hate many Muslims have for Christians. Continue reading

Tragedy in Bastrop….and Faith

The wild fires in Bastrop, TX., have destroyed over 1,400 homes and upwards of 40,000 acres.  Pictures on the ‘net show the wide-spread devastation caused as wind-whipped flames tore through tinder dry foliage and trees.  I was planning a trip to the area and contacted a local Bastrop hotel to get some rate and availability information.  The lady working at the hotel, let’s call her Ruth, was very cordial on the phone and, in passing, I asked her if the fire was under control, yet.  Ruth responded that the fire was out in her subdivision.  As anyone would do, I asked Ruth if she had incurred any damage from the fire.  In a calm voice, Ruth said, “We lost everything!”  Continue reading

Quick Hits – 7/16/11

While the country’s debt problems are mired in partisan politics, the Democrats beat the Republicans in the Annual Congressional Baseball Game 8-2!  Doesn’t it strike you as odd that these “elected officials” would engage in a charity event while the country’s credit standing is at risk?  Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor, Steny Hoyer, etc., were there playing nice-nice!  I find it very hypocritical!  BTW, the Dems announced that they missed Anthony Weiner, disgraced NY pervert, because “he was a star player!” Continue reading

No Justice for Caylee!!!

Twelve jurors in Orlando, FL., acquitted Casey Anthony of the murder of her  2 year-old daughter despite a preponderance of circumstantial evidence to the contrary.  The only charges she was found guilty were 4 counts of lying to police (BFD) and I suspect she will be released in a few days on “time served” awaiting trial!  Continue reading

Quick Hits – 6/23/11

++James “Whitey” Bulger, a top 10 fugitive on the FBI most wanted list was finally apprehended in his apartment in Santa Monica, California.  The Feds have been chasing Whitey for 15 years after he was indited for, allegedly, 19 murders AND racketeering.  Supposedly, Whitey was a member of the Winter Hill Gang, an organized crime league in Boston.  Whitey, age 81, was arrested with his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, age 60; and they went quietly!  At age 81, he will probably never live until his trial….so I say the statute of limitations should apply to this old pro and he should be sentenced to spending his remaining days with Lindsay Lohan.

Continue reading