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Sergio Garcia – Let the Whining Begin!

sergio at TPCOn the second hole of Saturday’s third round of The Players Championship of the PGA tour, Sergio hit a poor shot into the trees well  right of the green on the par 5 hole.  The ever petulant Garcia pulled out his inner child and looked towards the group around his playing competitor, Tiger Woods, obviously thinking that, somehow, Woods, the golfer many love to hate, was responsible for Sergio’s lousy shot. In fact, later, Sergio accused Tiger of an intentional distraction even though the two players were 50 yards apart…in golf, that is a long way!!   Continue reading


Great Scott!! An Aussie Finally Wins!

Adam-Scott-wins-the-MastersAdam Scott became the first Australian in history to win the storied Masters at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday.  After a bitter disappointment at last year’s British Open, Scott proved to be up to the task as he beat Angel Cabrera on the second hole of the sudden death playoff.  Both Angel and Adam birdied the 18th hole, Holly, at Augusta to get into the playoff.  While I was rooting for Angel, Adam proved himself to be a class guy during the press conference later in the day.  He is a deserving winner! Continue reading

The US Ryder Cup Does Not Runneth Over

On a sad Sunday for American golf and a proud day for European golf, the superstars and wannabees on the US team were overwhelmed a dozen committed, prepared, and inspired lesser names on the battlefield of Medinah Country Club near Chicago.  The cock-sure victory of the US team was transformed into a humiliating defeat as superstar after superstar wilted under the tide of pressure put on them by their more-than-worthy opponents.  It was a shameful performance….the biggest blow to the pride of the PGA.   How could the US team blow a huge lead on the final day of singles play?  Was it possible that Europe would win 8 1/2 points in one day?   The answer is easy Continue reading

Packers Robbery, Fan Resentment, & the NFL

Finally, the NFL has bowed to the pressure of inept officiating and lost credibility with a package to restore sanity to the professional football industry. It took a disputed and totally unfair loss by the Green Bay Packers to move the commissioner to take action. While the Packers are the poster-child of rotten officiating, most of the other games played this season have been riddled with missed and improper calls by the rag-tag officials that the NFL threw into the grinder.  If the Packers miss the playoffs by one game this year, the league will owe the ‘Pack and their fans an apology. If Seattle makes the playoffs by one game, it will be an even greater injustice.

Cam Newton – A Lot to Learn

Cam Newton scored a TD on a 1 yard quarterback sneak against the New York Giants Thursday evening.  Cam promptly ran to the back of the end-zone, puffed up his chest, and displayed his arrogance to the fans.  The real problem is that when he scored, his team was 23 points down.  When the game was over,  the Giants had bashed the Panthers 36 to 7!  Yet, you would have thought Cam was the only player that counted as he show-boated when his team was overwhelmed by a superior squad.  Maybe Cam has some talent; but, he has a huge ego…for sure!  And like many pampered athletes, it is all about Cam.  BTW, Cam tossed three interceptions!  Nice job, big man!!!

Penn State on TV – A Disgrace

Saturday, Penn State University played Ohio on ESPN before a national audience.  It is sad that PSU will receive TV revenue after it has been proven that Paterno and other senior management knew of, assisted in covering up, and took no action in the heinous crimes of one of their coaches, Jerry Sandusky.  Yes, I know the student athletes were not at fault, but the senior managers of the university were accomplices in this disgraceful crime.  PSU should have gotten the “death penalty” for their participation…..but, the NCAA did not have the grit to do the right thing.  Let’s hope the ratings are poor and that PSU is beaten badly (despite the fact that they are playing a non-conference lightweight in Ohio).  I can dream, can’t I!!!!

Ernie Wins, Scott Folds at Royal Lytham

Ernie struck Claret gold at the British Open as Adam Scott folded under the  pressure of the afternoon sun and wind at Royal Lytham and Saint Annes on Sunday.  Ernie held the trophy high as Scott sank into the doldrums of defeat.  Tiger Woods was a factor until he went for the flag on #6, a hole he had birded for the previous three days, and found the sand to be unplayable.  Continue reading