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Chris Christie – Lap Band and Lap Dog

chris-christieSo…..Chris Christie got lap band surgery because he cannot push his HUGE butt away from the table!  So…..this is BIG news!?!?!?  Since Christie has become Obama’s lap dog, why not get the lap band surgery too!  The “rotund one” used to be a conservative until he decided he wanted Obama to butter his bread.  Suddenly, the slick man and tubby became fast friends.  I, for one, do not consider Christie a leader of the conservative movement any more.  He caved in to Obama, but cannot seem to cave in to filling his abundant mouth with food.  So……good luck, Chris!  Lap band does not work if you can’t keep your mouth shut!  And, BTW, don’t bother to run in 2016!  You are no longer welcome!


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For those of you that regularly read this blog (and to those who are recent visitors), sometimes I get a little, shall we say, “wordy” and the posts can get long.  So, I learned how the cut the post into parts when it is too long for the front page.  You will be able to see more than one headline without scrolling down.  So, when you see the notation, “Keep Reading…” simply click on the “Keep Reading” and you will see the complete text!  A good example is the post that is 2 down from this….”The Town of Denial.”  Only about 5% of the text is on the Front Page.  Just click to continue!

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