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Obama, Boehner, Pelosi & Syria

Boehner cryingToday, Boehner and Pelosi announced that they would support Obama’s plan to strike Syria following the use of chemical weapons by one of the warring factions within Syria.  Pelosi was quoted as saying that we must respond to actions “outside the circle of civilized behavior.”  Does that mean that it was inside “civilized behavior” when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were brutally slaughter in Benghazi?  Is it within “civilized behavior” to kill thousands in Africa?  What really constitutes “civilized behavior?”

pelosiObama used Boehner once again as his lackey so he could have someone to blame (Congress) when this bombing of Syria results in a wider confrontation in the Middle East….and has repercussions within the United States.  Boehner’s tough guy policy with Obama has been a joke!  Why the Republican house elected this guy as the speaker is another question for the ages.

Obama is brilliant at manipulating Boehner!  He is a lousy  president, but a good manipulator!!!


Boston, Benghazi, Obama, and Eric (The Not-So-Great)!

Eric Holder‘The Boston Terror Attack  has, once again, brought out the real agenda behind Eric Holder and his reign as the Attorney General of the United States.  Eric, “the not-so-great” Holder was quick to rush in and provide Miranda rights to the terrorist that was captured.  His own organization, the FBI, was usurped in the middle of their questioning of an enemy combatant.  The FBI could have used an additional 24 hours and would have probably found out much more than the Tsarnaev brothers’ plan to take their terror act to Times Square in New York City.  Continue reading

Obama is “Not Optimal!”

President Obama visited with Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show on the Comedy Channel, and proclaimed the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans in Benghazi on 9/11 was “not optimal!”  What is optimal for Obama?  Two lives lost?  As the POTUS, his statement was ridiculous….and sad.  Imagine that you are the parent, spouse, child, or sibling of a fallen hero.  Was the loss of your hero an optimal case for this president?  Obama’s aire of detachment from the loss of lives is proof positive that he does not deserve to be the leader of our country.  His “lead from behind” foreign policy is a complete failure as al-Qaeda’s influence is rapidly growing in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Al-Qaeda did not die with bin Laden.

Mr. Obama:  Do you know what is really “not optimal?”  You are suboptimal!!  In fact, you are unprepared to be the president.  My friends, as you go to vote on November 6th,  cast your ballot for a person qualified to lead the country; a person who will be proud to represent all of America; and a person that respects the supreme sacrifice made by thousands in far away places around the world.

Hopefully, Obama, you will begin an extended vacation in January 2013!