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Civil Wars the US DID NOT Get Involved With

flag 2Much is been made about America’s moral responsibility to police the world and punish regimes that do not conform to the “circle of civilized behavior”  as Secretary Kerry testifies before the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria.  Below is a partial listing of civil wars that America elected NOT TO get involved with:

-Afghan Civil War – 1978 – 1,800,000 killed

-Sudanese Civil War – 1983 – 1,900,000 killed

-Rwandan Civil War – 1990 – 1,000,000 killed

-Second Congo War – 1998 – 5,400,000 killed

Yet, we are eager to intervene in a civil war that has claimed 110,000 killed.  Dead is dead…..it doesn’t matter how it happens. Go figure!!!