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Cesar Millan, beware, Jeff, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer, is the New Kid in Town!!

cesar millanCesar Millan, TV’s famous dog whisperer, better watch his back.  Jeff, from Tiki Island, has come to town and he is ready to tame your pooch….for a modest fee!  In fact, sometimes for just a loan of some stuff from your closet is his only fee!  But, more about the clothing closet later.  Funerals are solemn occasions intended for the family to give a ceremonial good-bye to their loved one and rejoice in that loved one’s life.  In this particular ceremony, white doves were released at the grave site and they flew in circles for several minutes before, probably, heading to their normal roost.  It was a beautiful, touching sight.   And it was on this somber occasion that I met Jeff, called by his friends, the Tiki Island Dog Whisperer. Continue reading