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UPDATE – Operation Critter Storm – A War with Raccoons

racoonWell, it has been two years since my original post….and they are BACK!  With a vengeance!  The final tally in 2011 was 11 raccoons and 6 possums.  Now this year, we stand at 4 coons and 1 possum….my cage is wearing out from all the use.  Not to fear, I will persist until I have relocated everyone of these nasty critters.  The battle continues…………..  If you have ever had “critters” in your yard, you can identify with my frustration!  For the past few years, some critters have been burrowing in my plants and shrubs looking for grubs, worms, or whatever fuzzy little night creatures seek to fill their insatiable appetites.   Your local Ace Hardware can offer lots of solutions….and I have tried them all.  First, I tried moth balls attempting to offend their sensitive noses.  Continue reading