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Supreme Court Appointments: The Most Important Reason to Vote Obama Out

Forget unemployment, national debt, foreign policy, tax policy,  etc., the most compelling reason to elect Mitt Romney is to ensure that Barack Obama will not appoint left-leaning progressives to the Supreme Court during his second term in office. Most of the issues being discussed and getting the most attention from the press and campaigns are transitory in nature. Appointments to the Supreme Court, however, can change at the face of America for decades with a single decision since the Justices are appointed for life.  Currently the Supreme Court seems fairly balanced even with Justice Roberts’ decision on healthcare.  The issue is that Kennedy, Scalia, Ginsberg, and Breyer are all 75 years old or older!  And look at Obama’s choices as his appointees:  Kagan and Sotomayer!  Be careful, America, there is more than one way for patient socialists to overthrow democracy!

                2012 – VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN


Apothegm – More

+Life is a painting!  Never let another choose your colors!

+It is better to have people assume you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

+Power corrupts!  And absolute power corrupts completely!

+Apparently, I am supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine!

+Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.

Romney Will Win – Editorial 1/29/12

Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama because a majority  of the country already knows that the president is an epic failure at his job,  and a thin-skinned, self-absorbed ideologue to boot.

All the noise about Romney’s wealth and the nonsense  about his “effective tax rate” won’t make a lick of difference to a voter afraid  of losing his or her job or fearing for their children’s future. Continue reading

Mitt’s Only Real Opponent – The Likeability Factor

Now that Rick Santorum has done the right thing for his political future, unless Mitt Romney is caught with a dead boy, he will be the GOP nominee to do battle with Obama in November!  So, what does Mitt have to do to convince independent and conservative voters to support his campaign.  He must improve his L-Factor! Continue reading

Santorum – Big Hat, No Cattle!!!

When will the Republican voters get real and focus on the only question in the campaign:  Who can beat Obama in November?  Folks, it is NOT Rick Santorum!!  He may appeal to the extreme right (the uber-conservative) and the evangelicals in the primaries, but he CANNOT beat Obama in the general election!  There is only one GOP candidate that can beat Obama….and his name is Mitt Romney!  Romney can bring out the independent vote…..and will get the uber-conservative in the election.  Fellow conservatives, stop wasting  your votes on an unelectable candidate…..a guy that lost in his home state by 15+ points.  Put your energy into nominating a proven winner…..not a loser.  Santorum wears a big hat, but has no cattle!  Rick is an empty suit!  I can go on and on, but you get the message!  Stop helping the Democrats; and coalesce behind a proven leader – Mitt Romney!  He will win in November!!!!  And end the reign of King Barack!!

Mitt Romney – The Rodney Dangerfield of Politics

Mitt Romney won 6 of the 10 states contested on Super Tuesday!  And what does the media report:  Mitt’s wins were not good enough.  Romney gets no respect from the left-wing media.  Why?  That’s easy….Romney is the most electable candidate that the GOP has and the Democrats fear him.  Romney, who lacks the charisma of some politicians, is a highly successful businessman, a devoted family man, is deeply religious, and can appeal to the independents that will swing the 2012 election.  Continue reading

Newt’s Baggage – The Prototypical, Political Hypocrite!

The latest polls from Florida show that Newt Gingrich has opened a lead over Mitt Romney in the upcoming primary election.  Newt has overcome a 20 point deficit with fiery debate rhetoric and the help of a friendly press.  As a Republican and conservative, I am dismayed by how easily that the uninformed electorate is led down the yellow brick road by this phony, pompous narcissist.  Newt, with all his baggage, is skipping along to the fictional Emerald City to hold court for his minions.  Let’s examine what it would mean if Newt Gingrich was the GOP nominee next fall.  Newt would guarantee four more years of Barack ObamaContinue reading