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Happy April Fool’s Day

**Tim Tebow announced that he had signed a deal to become the starting QB for the  national football team of Greece.  And he announced that he would receive 8 billion drachmas in conpensation……if the Spartans make it to the Super Bowl.   After being traded from Broncos to the Jets, from the Jets to the Vikings, from the Vikings to the Winnipeg BlueBombers, and from the Bombers to the Houston Lightning, Tebow said, “Enough!  Put me some place I can play!”  Unfortunately, Tim’s agent forgot to tell Tim that they play soccer in Greece and that the “drachma” is no longer the Greek currency!  Next time ask for Euros, Tim! Continue reading


Mitt Romney – The Rodney Dangerfield of Politics

Mitt Romney won 6 of the 10 states contested on Super Tuesday!  And what does the media report:  Mitt’s wins were not good enough.  Romney gets no respect from the left-wing media.  Why?  That’s easy….Romney is the most electable candidate that the GOP has and the Democrats fear him.  Romney, who lacks the charisma of some politicians, is a highly successful businessman, a devoted family man, is deeply religious, and can appeal to the independents that will swing the 2012 election.  Continue reading

Newt’s Baggage – The Prototypical, Political Hypocrite!

The latest polls from Florida show that Newt Gingrich has opened a lead over Mitt Romney in the upcoming primary election.  Newt has overcome a 20 point deficit with fiery debate rhetoric and the help of a friendly press.  As a Republican and conservative, I am dismayed by how easily that the uninformed electorate is led down the yellow brick road by this phony, pompous narcissist.  Newt, with all his baggage, is skipping along to the fictional Emerald City to hold court for his minions.  Let’s examine what it would mean if Newt Gingrich was the GOP nominee next fall.  Newt would guarantee four more years of Barack ObamaContinue reading

The Gingrich that stole the GOP Nomination

Ron Paul, the crusty curmudgeon calls him a “serial hypocrite!”  The progressive left calls him a “saviour” for their candidate!  The far right thinks he is a liberal!  His competitors think he is a pest!  He, modestly, thinks of himself as an “intellectual” with big ideas!  Pretty soon, it looks like America will be calling him the GOP nominee to debate Obama for the presidency of the United States!

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Tonight, NBC demonstrated complete left-wing media bias as John Harwood, Jim Cramer, Steve Liesman, and Maria Bartiromo tried their best to ask entrapping questions of the GOP candidates for President.  It was totally shameful the way they conducted themselves.  Despite the “gotcha” questions, all of the GOP candidates rose above the pettiness of the moment and delivered solid performances.  Even Rick Perry did a good job (until his brain freeze)….and Herman Cain did not disappoint.  The real winners were Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  Newt would make Obama look like the fool he is in a one-on-one debate!  Nice try NBC!  Good job…..GOP!

Quick Hits – May 17, 2011

++Newt (what a name!!!) Gingrich announced that he is running for the GOP nomination to do battle with the Chosen One next year!  Newt is in Iowa trying to convince evangelical voters that his two divorces and the third marriage to the woman he was having an affair with is nothing to fret about!  If that is not enough, Newt criticized the budget plan of Paul Ryan.  Not off to such a good start, are you, Newt!!

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