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Obama’s Real Message to Syria

Obama SyriaFrom the White House on September 10th, Obama spoke for several minutes about the Assad regime’s brutal tactics in Syria.  Despite all the rhetoric and rationalizations, one message to Syria and the rest of the world was very clear:


It is perfectly fine for Assad to use guns, machetes, bombs, etc., and it is fair game to behead your enemies.  That is OK with Obama.  Just lay off the gas!!!


Obama, Boehner, Pelosi & Syria

Boehner cryingToday, Boehner and Pelosi announced that they would support Obama’s plan to strike Syria following the use of chemical weapons by one of the warring factions within Syria.  Pelosi was quoted as saying that we must respond to actions “outside the circle of civilized behavior.”  Does that mean that it was inside “civilized behavior” when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were brutally slaughter in Benghazi?  Is it within “civilized behavior” to kill thousands in Africa?  What really constitutes “civilized behavior?”

pelosiObama used Boehner once again as his lackey so he could have someone to blame (Congress) when this bombing of Syria results in a wider confrontation in the Middle East….and has repercussions within the United States.  Boehner’s tough guy policy with Obama has been a joke!  Why the Republican house elected this guy as the speaker is another question for the ages.

Obama is brilliant at manipulating Boehner!  He is a lousy  president, but a good manipulator!!!

Chris Christie – Lap Band and Lap Dog

chris-christieSo…..Chris Christie got lap band surgery because he cannot push his HUGE butt away from the table!  So…..this is BIG news!?!?!?  Since Christie has become Obama’s lap dog, why not get the lap band surgery too!  The “rotund one” used to be a conservative until he decided he wanted Obama to butter his bread.  Suddenly, the slick man and tubby became fast friends.  I, for one, do not consider Christie a leader of the conservative movement any more.  He caved in to Obama, but cannot seem to cave in to filling his abundant mouth with food.  So……good luck, Chris!  Lap band does not work if you can’t keep your mouth shut!  And, BTW, don’t bother to run in 2016!  You are no longer welcome!

Boston, Benghazi, Obama, and Eric (The Not-So-Great)!

Eric Holder‘The Boston Terror Attack  has, once again, brought out the real agenda behind Eric Holder and his reign as the Attorney General of the United States.  Eric, “the not-so-great” Holder was quick to rush in and provide Miranda rights to the terrorist that was captured.  His own organization, the FBI, was usurped in the middle of their questioning of an enemy combatant.  The FBI could have used an additional 24 hours and would have probably found out much more than the Tsarnaev brothers’ plan to take their terror act to Times Square in New York City.  Continue reading

Obama Politicizes and Uses Divisiveness for Everything!

Gun Control Press ConferenceThe latest example of Obama using any excuse to politicize events happened yesterday when he took to the podium to chastise the GOP and NRA for the failure of the Senate to pass expanded gun control legislation.  The measure failed to obtain the 60 votes necessary and Obama surrounded himself with the bereaved father of a young man killed at the Newtown shooting.  Also, Gabby Giffords was conspicuous on the stage as Obama called the NRA liars and criticized the GOP for not supporting his agenda.  Continue reading

Bob’s Grieving Period is Over!!

obama press confFinally, I am almost done grieving over the death of America on 11/6/12.   She was a grand old lady who passed away from the tens of millions that sucked the life out of her.  Almost 50% pay no taxes to support the lady while the other 50% pay everyone else’s bills.  It was a sad passing…..she will be missed.

Obama is not the better man; but he was the better campaigner!  Romney had Obama on the ropes after the first debate and then just seemed to give up.  His failure to match his performance in the final two debates was one of two primary reasons he lost.  The second was the selection of Paul Ryan.  Ryan is another good man; but when the Dems portrayed him as throwing Grannie off the cliff, the old folks were scared to death.  Good job by the Dems; bad choice by Romney.   Marco Rubio would have given Florida to Romney, for sure.  But, Romney counted on Ryan to bring the mid-west……….bad decision, Mitt!

Now Obama feels empowered…he has his mandate!  Beware of bigger government!  A bigger nanny state (until all the teats run dry)!  Watch out Greece, America is coming fast.

Finally,  the Congress is the most dysfunctional organization in the universe.  Every one of the jack-asses that hold those responsible jobs should be fired.  But, therein is the problem.  The pampered will not bite the hand that feeds.

Enough said!  America, be careful what you ask for…..you might just get it!

Seriously, America!!!! WTF were you thinking?

The results of the 2012 presidential election mean 4 more years of Congressional gridlock and 4 more years for Obama to push his Western European, quasi- socialist model on the battered and bruised American system of democracy.  Card check for Trumka’s unions and increasing EPA regulations will stifle businesses, small and large, and the full implementation of Obamacare will eventually bankrupt the country while delivering “not optimal” healthcare to millions of Americans.  Taxes will go up and already bloated government will continue to grow.  The stock market will tank and by the time 2016 rolls around our national debt will be over $20 Trillion.  Welcome to the enhanced version of America, the nanny state.

You have no excuses America…you did it to yourself!  A hyper-racial, failed president has been given a vote of confidence by masses of the entitlement-seeking, “blame someone else” for my problems, lazy, and uninformed voters.

Truly a sad day for America!!!