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Mother’s Day at the Dairy Queen

dairy queen signMother’s Day was a bit of a disappointment for me because I was sick and had to cancel our reservations at a spiffy, over-priced restaurant on Saturday evening to celebrate Jane’s special day.  An intestinal bug (probably from the Mexican food on Friday)  knocked me flat all day Saturday.  Viva la infeccion!  So, when Sunday rolled around, I was settled on the sofa getting ready to watch the conclusion of The Players Championship where Tiger Woods kicked some Spanish butt (Sergio Garcia) to win his 78th tour victory….but I digress!!! Continue reading


Sergio Garcia – Let the Whining Begin!

sergio at TPCOn the second hole of Saturday’s third round of The Players Championship of the PGA tour, Sergio hit a poor shot into the trees well  right of the green on the par 5 hole.  The ever petulant Garcia pulled out his inner child and looked towards the group around his playing competitor, Tiger Woods, obviously thinking that, somehow, Woods, the golfer many love to hate, was responsible for Sergio’s lousy shot. In fact, later, Sergio accused Tiger of an intentional distraction even though the two players were 50 yards apart…in golf, that is a long way!!   Continue reading