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The Price is Right…It’s From The Government!! Obama’s Budget Deficit!!

Pie Chart of govt $Obama’s administration plans to spend $3.8 Trillion in 2013 with revenue of only $2.9 Trillion.  That’s right…our government will spend almost $1 Trillion more than it takes in…………AGAIN!  It should be no surprise that despite sequester, the budget deficit for 2014 will be $.8 Trillion.  Oh, boy, that sequester deal really worked, didn’t it!!  The US National Debt is rapidly approaching $17 Trillion and nobody seems to care or be concerned. (Click on the National Debt Clock below to see how fast the debt is adding up.) Our representatives in Washington must think we are total idiots!  Well, I guess we get what 52% of the voters wanted.  And therein lies the problem!  Remember only 50% of people pay federal income taxes! Continue reading