Schumer: The House Can’t Tie Their Shoes

In response to the second bill dealing with the budget and national debt that the House has sent to the Senate, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) insulted his colleagues in the House by saying that they  “can’t tie their shoes!”  Chuck,  that is the pot calling the kettle black!!  What an arrogant, narcissistic, embarrassment!  How can our Congress ever deal with serious problems when our representatives are in denial like Schumer and Harry Reid?  Strap on your seatbelts, America, we are heading for a bumpy ride!  The free spending left-wing Democrats are in process of ruining America!   Goodbye, Democracy!  Hello, Greece (or Ireland or Portugal or Spain)!

9 responses to “Schumer: The House Can’t Tie Their Shoes

  1. Let’s hope the GOP senators filibuster Reid’s wet dream and show some support for their peers in the House. It would serve Obama/Reid right! What is so bad about a balanced budget? Oh, yes… would stop the madness!

  2. Is this where I go to get the details of the “Obama Plan”?

  3. Good news! I see from that the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is currently meeting to decide whether or not to support the Reid bill. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is yet to take a stand on Reid’s bill. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) hasn’t taken a stand either.

    The consistent story line in the main stream press is that the Republicans are hopelessly split between the Tea Party Caucus and the so-called Republican establishment. We do not have a CCC so I can not speak to that.

    All I know is that the Republicans have passed a budget. The Republicans have passed two debt ceiling/deficit reduction bills. The Democrats have passed neither a budget or a single debt ceiling/deficit reduction bill.

    Which party is fractionated? The party of the CBC, the CHC, and the CPC or the Republicans, you decide.

    Mary Hartman Mary Hartman fans may remember the Glorious Guardians of Good (the GGG). The GGG was a sinister organization that purported to do good while pursuing policies under the cloak of darkness that were not at all in the interest of the common good. CBC, CHC, CPC, GGG…put them in a bag and shake them up, you can’t tell the difference.

    By the way, Senator Shumer, your shoes are untied!

  4. Schumer is to stupid to put shoes on….much less tie them! What is the CCC?

  5. Freddy, there is no budget/debt plan by Obama! He does, however, have a grand plan: Get himself re-elected by pandering to his left-wing base!

  6. Ramadan starts Monday….no smoking, sex, or food during daylight hours for Barack!

  7. Piddle2u,

    CCC stands for the Congressional Caucasian Caucus which does not exist. We “racist” Republicans do not divide ourselves along ethnic lines like our friends, the Democrats.

  8. The CCC does exist. It is called the Republican Party.

  9. Welcome back, LeftandProud. I thought we had lost you when we sent you on that snipe hunt looking for the cuts in Obama’s “secret” plan.

    Obama got over 95% of the African-American vote in 2008. He received about 70% of the Hispanic vote. Thanks to ACORN, Obama received monolithic support in the cartoon character community.

    The unemployment rate is about 9.2% as of June 2011. African-American unemployment hovers above 16%. The unemployment rate in the Hispanic community is about 12.4%. It is easy to see why Obama receives such strong support from people of color. The only people of color fully employed on Obama’s watch are those cartoon characters.

    The Republican party is a coalition of people who favor limited government, strong national security, low taxes, and individual freedoms. Anyone may join regardless of race, creed, or color.

    How is that hope and change working out for you, Lefty?

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