“A Renewed Sense of Urgency” Obama Style*

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S.credit rating from AAA to AA+ on Friday.  President Obama said nothing.  This was the first such downgrade in U.S. history.  It happened on Obama’s watch.  Saturday the air waves were filled with commentary from politicians, pundits, and economists.  Obama said nothing.  The Sunday talk shows covered the downgrade almost to the exclusion of everything else. Obama said nothing.  Today Obama emerged from hiding to make a speech calling for a “renewed sense of urgency” in tackling the country’s debt problems.  This is pretty rich coming from a man who proposed a $3.7 trillion budget for 2012. His proposed 2012 budget would have produced a deficit would have been a record $1.6 trillion.  Even the Democrat controlled Senate rejected Obama’s budget proposal 97-0!

Obama has not offered a revised budget.  The Senate has not passed a budget for the past two years.  The Republican controlled House passed a budget but it was rejected in the Senate.  It was also overtly panned by Obama with his special guest, Congressman Paul Ryan, in the room.  Ryan was the chief architect of the
Republican budget.

Obama’s problem is that there is already a growing sense of urgency in America
to throw him out of office.  Obama is clearly not up to the job he was elected to perform. He is an ideologue and the ideas he has put forth have been disastrous.  Unless the Republican nominee gets caught with a live boy or a dead girl Obama is toast.

Most Americans now know that Obama is all talk.  There is a reason that he rarely speaks off the cuff.   Obama simply does not know how to do the job he was elected to do. He picked advisors who had virtually no real world experience.  Poll tested, think tank generated policies will not get our economy back on track. It is going to take leadership and policies that free up the country’s economic engine, the free enterprise system.

The era of big government was supposed to be over during Clinton’s second
term.  It took almost three years of Obama’s policies to finally drive a stake through the heart of Keynesian economics.  Attacking S&P will not
change the fact that Obama and the Democrats are the Thelma and Louise of
fiscal responsibility.

Obama has to go….

*Courtesy of a guest contributor!


One response to ““A Renewed Sense of Urgency” Obama Style*

  1. The only thing Obama has done with urgency is ram Obamacare down our throats….and he had to bribe congress to do that! Even the left is mad at him! His speech after the S&P downgrade showed what a weak leader he is! Sad for America…he is an embarrassment to us all!

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